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Current Threat

Industries impacted: Any, Energy

Cyberattackers are continuing to use the COVID-19 pandemic to target victims, although at a maintained rate. In addition, we highlight potential cybersecurity implications to the current instability in the energy sector due to the coronavirus pandemic and oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Threat Actor

Industries impacted: Any

Researchers at Blackberry released a report attributing activity to suspected Winnti Umbrella Group linked threat actors, which targets Linux operating systems with previously unknown malware collectively referred to as the WINNTILNX toolset. In addition, the report also highlighted these actors targeting other operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, and Android. However, at this time, we cannot attribute the newly reported information to the Winnti Group with high, or even medium confidence, until we complete our due diligence of vetting the details.



15 April – Video conference of EU ministers of health
15 April – 
South Korea Elections
15 April – 
European Innovation Council ePitching on COVID-19