QuoIntelligence’s Weekly Intelligence Snapshot for the week of 8 April – 15 April 2020 is now available!

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Threat Actor

Industry impacted: Any

During the last week, we observed new activity tied to the Golden Chickens Malware-as-a-Service which included a new variant of VenomLNK that links to an apparent ongoing wave of campaigns and a TerraStealer variant which is likely a pre-attack version.


Industry impacted: Information Technology

In this month’s Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released security updates for 113 vulnerabilities across multiple products including three zero-day vulnerabilities that are actively exploited. Microsoft rates 96 of the 113 vulnerabilities as important and 17 as critical, of which 16 are remote code execution (RCE) and one cross-site scripting (XSS) flaw.


Industry impacted: Information Technology, Health Care, Government, Financials

The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the global economy is partly due to global interconnectedness and international supply chains, which in-turn is resulting in increased diplomatic tensions on how to handle the crisis. If EU member states cannot find a universally accepted approach to financial aid, it could further exacerbate and threaten the cohesion of the union.