QuoIntelligence’s Weekly Intelligence Snapshot for the week of 26 Nov  – 2 December 2020 is now available!

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Current Threats

 A recent report from MalwareBytes shows that a Gootkit banking Trojan campaign targeting Germany compromised over 600 machines. MalwareBytes and CERT-Bund both indicate that the Trojan is propagated through compromised websites which replicate forums in an attempt to convince users to download a ZIP archive containing the first stage of the malware.


Industry impacted: Government, Health Care, Information Technology

  • Source Code of CMA Small Systems AB, Servicing Central Banks and More, Leaked Online
  • North Korean APT Groups Suspected in Targeting AstraZeneca and its COVID-19 Vaccine Research
  • Conti Ransomware Group Breached Advantech, Leaking at least 10 Percent of Data Thus Far
  • Microsoft Observes a Nation State Using Cryptocurrency Miners as Diversion to Their Espionage Campaigns
  • New Live Campaign Linked To ReconHellcat APT group


On 27 November, armed assassins killed a key Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhridzadeh, in Tehran. QuoIntelligence expects sustained cyberattacks in retaliation targeting Israel, the US, and allies such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, and Europe. In addition to cyber campaigns, physical attacks, such as targeted assassinations of key Iranian officers, and its nuclear program, or limited military strikes, are possible.


Industry impacted: Communication Services, Government, Information Technology

  • EU Parliament to Sanction Turkey Amidst Growing Tensions
  • EU Plans Initiative with US to Improve Cooperation in Technology Sector


Industry impacted: Government, Health Care, Information Technology

  • 3 December – NATO Leaders Meeting
  • 3 December – UN Summit on COVID-19 Pandemic
  • 8 December – Chief Information Security Officer Exchange