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Threat Actor
Industry impacted: Government, Health Care

  • Researchers at Positive Technologies detailed a previously unknown attack campaign attributed to Lazarus, which successfully compromised an organization within the pharmaceutical industry, as well as highlighting the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures used to execute and carry on the attack kill-chain.

Industry impacted: Government

  • Darkside Ransomware Manipulates Stock Price to Pressure Victims to Pay Ransom
  • APT Group Targets Vulnerable SolarWinds Orion Servers
  • Threat Actor Compromised Passwordstate’s Update Functionality, Potentially Stealing 29,000 User Data
  • Global Law Enforcement Deploys Payload to Remove Emotet Botnet from Infected Machines
  • Babuk Locker Targets Washington DC Police
  • Apple Patches Zero-Day Vulnerability That Allows Security Bypass in MacOS



Industry impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Information Technology

  • The semiconductor industry is experiencing a deepening global shortage. Initially, the shortage hit carmakers, but it is now spreading to domestic appliances and tech devices. Despite increased investment in the industry and nations trying to diversify suppliers to address supply shortfalls, companies heavily rely on Asian chip makers, particularly Taiwan’s TSMC. This reliance hampers efforts in securing the semiconductor supply chain and poses challenges to the whole industry.

Industry impacted: Communication Services, Government, Information Technology

  • EU Calls Out China For Increasing Maritime Presence in Disputed South China Sea Territory
  • ENISA Releases Cybersecurity Research Directions for the EU’s Digital Strategic Autonomy Report
  • Germany Implements IT Security Law 2.0 to Improve 5G Security Regulations



Industry impacted: Government

  • 8 May – EU-India Summit