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Current Threat

Industries impacted: ANY

Researchers identified an ongoing, widespread Black Lives Matter themed malspam campaign which ultimately delivers a variant of the Trickbot malware. While the campaign has largely targeted the US and Canada, there are known targets in other regions including Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia.

Threat Actor

Industries impacted: ANY 

Researchers at ESET discovered multiple previously unknown post-exploitation tools, which they attribute to the Gamaredon threat group, used in several malicious campaigns in the last few months. Gamaredon is an alleged Russian state-sponsored cyberespionage group that has been active since at least 2013 and previously targeted Ukrainian military and national security establishments.


  • Espionage Campaign using LinkedIn to Target Aerospace and Military Companies in Europe and US 
  • Unnamed Hosting Provider Targeted in a 1.44 Tbps Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack 
  • Maze Ransomware Compromised Chip Manufacturer MaxLinear and Leaked 10 Gigabytes of Confidential Data
  • Ripple20: Millions of Devices Susceptible to 19 Zero-Day Firmware-Level Networking Vulnerabilities
  • IBM Cloud Services Suffered Global Outage Due to Routing Error 
  • T-Mobile Network in US and Germany Suffered Major Outages 
  • Qbot Campaign Targets Financial Institutions in the US, Netherlands, and Canada


Industries impacted: Communication Services, Government, Health Care

Tensions between North and South Korea are again escalating after North Korea reportedly blew up a liaison office on its side of the border which the countries used to facilitate cooperation.

Germany’s government released its COVID-19 tracing app named Corona Warn App to enable faster identification of potentially infected persons and disrupt infection chains. The app is free of charge, can be downloaded from the Apple and Google app stores, and is voluntary. QuoINT has previously outlined issues associated with coronavirus tracing and tracking apps, including vulnerabilities, data privacy concerns, scams, phishing, and fraudulent apps, as well as the effectiveness of such apps.


  • At least 20 Indian Soldiers reportedly Killed in Clash with Chinese Troops
  • China and New Zealand Report First New COVID-19 Cases, as European States are Opening Borders and Easing Restrictions


22 June – EU-China Summit via Video Conference

22 June – US and Russia to Hold Arms Control Talks