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Cyber Highlights

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, Includes Patch for Actively Exploited “Spoofing” Vulnerability in the Windows AppX installer

On 14 December, Microsoft released 67 patches for popular products, including a patch for an actively exploited “spoofing” vulnerability (CVE-2021-43890) in the Microsoft Windows AppX installer. Microsoft rates seven of the 67 vulnerabilities as critical, while the rest of the 60 vulnerabilities are rated as important.

Log4Shell: Remote Code Execution Zero Day Vulnerability in Apache Log4j, Actively Exploited In The Wild

On 10 December, QuoIntelligence was alerted by CERT New Zealand of an advisory for a zero-day Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) known as Log4Shell, existing in the Java logging library called Log4j. Successful exploitation could allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker full control of an affected server. Apache rated the vulnerability, which impacts applications utilizing the Java logging library – including various popular software from a number of vendors/manufacturers – as critical. A vendor fix is available.


Industry impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Energy, Industrials, Information Technology

  • Swedish Car Manufacturer Volvo’s Data Stolen During a Recent Ransomware Attack.
  • French Entities Targeted By Banking Malware TinyNuke
  • Italian Nuclear Company SOGIN Suffers Data Breach, Alleged Data Selling on Dark Web
  • UKG Kronos’s HR Platforms Offline due to a Ransomware Attack and Possible Data Breach
  • Patch Tuesday – Adobe Issues Critical Warnings For Security Vulnerabilities In Multiple Products


Geo Highlights

Governments Push for Green Policies Amid Widespread Energy Crisis

Industry impacted: Energy, Government

Countries are increasing their efforts to curb energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. The accelerating global shift to renewables is resulting in the growing importance of energy as a geostrategic issue. For instance, gas is likely to be used as a geopolitical leverage tool and countries will keep pushing for green policies to achieve greater energetic independency.


Industry impacted: Government, Materials

  • UK Threatens to Impose Tariffs on US Goods Over US Tariffs on Steel, Aluminum
  • Tensions Between Lithuania and China Increased Over Taiwan Support
  • China and Russia Meeting: Countries Confirm Partnership Amid Western Pressure
  • UK Announces New Cyber Security Strategy for 2022 – 2025