QuoIntelligence’s Weekly Intelligence Snapshot for the week of  06  August – 12 August 2020 is now available!

You can find below a summary for our Weekly Intelligence Snapshot, providing insight and analysis into this week’s major cyber and geopolitical events.
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Industry impacted: Information Technology

  • On 6 August, a security researcher publicly released 20 gigabytes of data reportedly from an Intel data breach earlier this year. According to the researcher, this is the first release “in a series of large Intel leaks”. QuoINT obtained the leaked data and can confirm the release includes source code, tool guides, and other intellectual property as advertised by the researcher. 


Industry impacted: ANY, Information Technology

  • In its August Patch Tuesday, Microsoft addressed security patches for 120 vulnerabilities across multiple products, including two zero-day vulnerabilities that are actively exploited in the wild. Of the 120 vulnerabilities, Microsoft rates 103 as important and 17 as critical in severity. Of those rated as critical, 16 resulted in remote code execution (RCE) and one resulted in elevation of privilege (EoP).

Threat Actor

Industry impacted: Government

  • On 6 August, QuoINT discovered a new targeted campaign attributed to a threat actor we publicly dubbed ReconHellcat. ReconHellcat’s targeted campaign used a malicious Word document (maldoc), themed on the recent Beirut explosion incident, to ultimately deliver the novel BlackWater backdoor malware. [Read our blog]


Industry impacted: ANY, Government, Information Technology

  • Canon Confirms Ransomware Attack
  • Qualcomm and MediaTek Wi‑Fi Chips Affected By Security Flaws Similar To “KrØØk“ Vulnerability
  • Critical Intel Flaw Affecting Motherboards, Server Systems, and Computer Modules
  • Adobe Security Update Includes patches for 11 Critical Vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat and Reader
  • SANS Institute Compromised in Phishing Attack 



Industry impacted: Government, Information Technology

  • Belarus Suffers Connectivity Outage Amidst Presidential Election
  • UN Prepares to Vote on Iran Arms Embargo
  • German Government Launches Cybersecurity Agency With EUR 350 Million in Funding
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